Learn About Verdegen

Our Motto

Doing Good is Good Business™

Our Vision

Build a good business by doing good in the world.

Our Mission Statement

Make a difference through innovation to find simple and easy-to-implement solutions to public health issues. Help business and organizations demonstrate commitment to customers, employees, and the community, including the vulnerable and the disadvantaged.

Verdegen History

The company was founded in 2016 by Dean Crockett and Jacob Hargrave to promote healthcare products and strategies directed at emerging public health needs such as the Zika virus. The simple question was:

"How can we get more people to use Mosquito repellent when using such a product can save lives?"

Our answer was to develop a new delivery method for personal-use mosquito repellents. That product is in the final stages of EPA registration.

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Verdegen redirected its resources to help save lives. Verdegen is manufacturing Kleen-Slate Antimicrobial Film to protect frequently touched surfaces in public places to help control the spread of the microbial pathogens.