Covid-19: How long does the coronavirus last on surfaces?

A quote from this article is reason to pause and think about the importance of the CDC and WHO guidance to maintain distance, wash our hands, and use a mask to prevent infection from microbial pathogens.

“An alarming recent study published by researchers at Imperial College London showed that viral DNA left on a hospital bed rail in an isolation room had spread within ten hours to 18 other surfaces (, including door handles, chairs in a waiting room, children’s toys and books in a play area. Although they used a virus that infects plants rather than humans as a surrogate for Sars-CoV-2, it shows just how far a virus in a droplet of liquid that lands on a bed can spread by people touching surfaces.”

Each of the guidelines act like a barrier to reduce the chances of infection from microbial pathogens. Kleen-Slate Antimicrobial Film acts as an additional barrier to microbe pathogens. Kleen-Slate Antimicrobial Film is a protective barrier film coated with a copper/silver zeolite antimicrobial agent shown to significantly reduce microbe activity on the surface of the film. The barrier is intended for use on high touch surfaces like door push-plates, stair rails and public transportation handholds, or any place where people are likely to encounter hard surfaces in their environment. The active agent in KLEEN-SLATE ANTIMICROBIAL FILM is backed by university-generated efficacy data. (

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